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UAE welcomes foreign investments and in order to start business in UAE you would need trade license which is the most important document. 
UAE offers different business models to choose from for foreign investors. Department of Economic Development is the authority responsible for the regulating the economic activities for all businesses outside the free zones. 

Department of Economic Development (DED) responsibilities are licensing, classification of economic activity permitted within UAE, issuance of trade permits for marketing activities and setting business hours. Department of Economic Development (DED) is also responsible for issuing licenses to businesses and dealing with investors (Local/foreign). 

Its services also includes checking the status of business transactions, cost estimates for trade licenses, renewal of trade license and general enquiries. The Department of Economic Development in UAE is the government agency which is responsible for issuing the licenses. 


Step for obtaining a trade license includes:
Reserve company name and Apply for registration
Notarize the company’s Memorandum of Association at DED
File company documents


Reserve company name and Apply for registration

To register a company and submit a registration application, the investor must first obtain initial approvals from the Licensing section of the Department of Economic Development (DED) on the business activities, name of trade, and identity of partners to be involved in business. The name availability check, name reservation and payment now can be done online through the website of Department of Economic Development (DED).


Notarize the company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA)
The applicant notarizes the standard Memorandum of Association (MOA) at Department of Economic Development (DED). Notarization of company takes no more than one day. A common practice is for the investor’s lawyer to obtain an initial approval from the notary earlier so that the investor/owner can arrive at the time specified by authority and have the documents notarized instantly.


File company documents
Investors need to file the company documents with the Department for Economic Development (DED) and need to obtain trade license after that it needs to register for membership at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. To obtain the Trade License and Commercial Registration Certificate investors must submit the following original documents to the Commercial Registry at the Department for Economic Development DED. 

The approved application form duly signed by the company’s manager or company’s legal representative(s).
An original copy of the memorandum of association.
A letter issued by the DED proving the company name approval.

Copy of Passport of each partner.

The trade license application should be filed with the applicable fee and following documents:

The proposed company name in Arabic and English and prescribed form for setting out.
The original lease of the company’s office premises.
For the sustainability of the office premises prescribed form for obtaining the Municipality Building Department’s clearance.
Business activities fall into following categories of licenses:
Commercial licenses

Professional licenses

Industrial licenses



Upon the end of this procedure the Department for Economic Development (DED) issues the original Trade License and Commercial Registration certificates to the company. Upon presentation of the receipts showing payment of the publication to the Ministry and the membership fee of Chamber of Commerce DED will issue the original trade license and certificate of the commercial registration for the limited liability company (LLC) and the membership of Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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